perjantai 28. marraskuuta 2008

Jeesus Jouluintensiivi

13. joulukuuta 2008 Lauantaina 15.00-18.00, Helsinki
Mitä Jeesus tarvitsisi?
Miksi Jeesus on yhä täällä ja miten voimme tuntea hänet ja käydä vuoropuhelua hänen kanssaan? Voidaksemme vastata mysteeriin, meidän tulee tietää mitä Jeesus tarvitsee. Tehdäksesi tämän, päästä irti ennakko-olettamuksistasi, avaa aistisi ja ala tuntea. Tämä Joulun Jeesus -intensiivi koostuu luennosta, kysymyksistänne ja syvästä meditaatiosta, jossa otamme yhteyden Jeesuksen sisimpään olemukseen, sieluumme ja luomakuntaan.

Some events by Oshana

Loving & Healing Your Internal Organs
Oshana Energy-Work Intensive, Central Helsinki
Saturday 29 Nov 2008

In this special Energy-Work Intensive you are given a rare insight into the body's energy field and functioning and will explore effective self-care routines for the internal organs involving self-massage and movement. You will discover the nature, characteristics and value of each internal organ and learn how to give them the space, energy and they love that they require to keep the human body awake and able to fulfil your life's purpose. Each organ has a different energies associated with it, including emotions, and requires different energetic cleaning clean and self-massage procedures to return it to optimal functioning.

25 Nov 2008 Loving & Healing Your Internal Organs »

Healing Family Relationships - Past and Present
Life Mastery Series, Central Helsinki
Wednesday 26 Nov 2008

Dave Oshana shows us how to move towards ideal families, heal the tragic past of our ancestors and find freedom in the future. What about our ancestors who lived before? Can they still influence us? And if so, can we choose how we are to be influenced? Can we create the blessed future or are we trapped in the sins of the past? Can we re-create a new loving humanity?

25 Nov 2008 Healing Family Relationships - Past and Present »

Getting Enough Vitamin L: Love
Oshana Online Live
Sunday 23 Nov 2008

o laugh  In the final live online class for 2008: Dave Oshana seeks to give you life in all its fullness by recognising what love is and is not. True love is the missing L Vitamin. Elusive but worth finding, obtaining it could kick-start your life in all kinds of ways.

18 Nov 2008 Getting Enough Vitamin L: Love »

Receive Your Divine Inheritance
Inner Intensive - Tallinn
Saturday 22 Nov 2008

All of us are truly rich beyond measure. What did Jesus mean that your real treasures are in stored in Heaven? How did He know? How can you know? Can you take a look and check? You have an immense, unimaginable inheritance which protects you from every suffering, death and loneliness. Access your divine inheritance now.

18 Nov 2008 Receive Your Divine Inheritance »

Dissolving Stuckness With Consciousness
Oshana Online Live
Sunday 16 Nov 2008

Dave Oshana explains stuckness: what it is and how to remove it by the application of Consciousness itself. Practical guided meditation. Have you gone outside of the present moment, that you are detached from reality? We will be relating directly to stuckness in its energetic form, dissolving it and progressively travelling into more subtle energetic realms to dissolve more stuckness. Ultimately, there is no more stuckness - only free flow - that is the ideal and the aim.

12 Nov 2008 Dissolving Stuckness With Consciousness »

Releasing the Ego's Grip
Oshana Online Live
Sunday 02 Nov 2008

The ego's influence is identified, traced and resolved. The Oshana Teaching makes it simple by taking aim at what you can identify: the problems in your life and by tracing them back to their causes dealing with the issue at source. So we are always dealing with what is real which makes our actions practical.

26 Oct 2008 Releasing the Ego's Grip »

Working With Ancestral Influences
Spiritual Intensive, Central Helsinki
Saturday 01 Nov 2008

Where do disempowering thoughts and disabling emotions come from? For many Westerners, the notion that their ancestors are influencing them seems, initially, to be unreasonable but on reflection possible. When investigated it not only makes perfect sense but becomes a very useful tool to understand both oneself and others. Investigate, if we are to become aware of all of the forces acting upon us and who we can become free to choose into which life direction we will flow. Part of a fascinating journey of self-discovery and global healing.

26 Oct 2008 Working With Ancestral Influences »

Experiencing Every Precious Moment
Free Spiritual Lecture, Central Helsinki
Thursday 30 Oct 2008

The most valuable ability for every human being the experience the bliss and joy of the present moment. All experience, intensity and excitement comes from the present moment because that is where Life-energy first manifests. The Flow of Life does not allow any thoughts, doubts, fears or obsessions to remain stuck. This is an experience not to be missed and a joy which can last a lifetime.

26 Oct 2008 Experiencing Every Precious Moment »

Know Yourself and Creation
Spiritual Intensive
25 Oct 2008 Tallinn, Estonia

This Intensive directs the participant's awareness towards experiencing Consciousness and Creation, and gives useful concepts by which to talk of these fields. Imagine how much more successful and fruitful our lives, relationships and sense of purpose would be if we had the power of deep spiritual insight? Spiritual insight is your birthright - it is a fundamental sense. It is your inner map to navigate through the Creation. To know the Space of Pre-Creation is your destiny.

24 Oct 2008 Know Yourself and Creation »

Release Stress - Receive Vitality
Energy-Work Class, Central Helsinki
Thursday 23 Oct 2008

Oshana Energy-Work Method works with both the physical structure and energetic field of the human body, opens up our senses and our ability to receive vitality elements from our environment, whilst avoiding unhelpful elements, clearing out toxins and releasing stress. It is a profound system which takes the practitioner on a fascinating healing journey.

20 Oct 2008 Release Stress - Receive Vitality »